How to draw attention from millions of beauties within just one minute?

13 Dec


There is a Christian Loboutin adverting: On a very sticky summer holiday, a confident young lady wearing mini-skirt and red high heels is walking along the street. It seems everything is getting frozen at that time while her elegance and beauty appear, especially for her red high heels.


The Christian Louboutin is a shoes brand born in 1992. At that time, Christian Louboutin, as a famouse shoes designer, tried to polish red nail on the sole. Today, red high heels became a symbol of ultimate luxury shoes. As author Simon Doonan puts it: “Louboutins are a total drug, and there is no methadone. Form the interview of Christian Louboutin, Mairesse and Connor (2012) introduced that “More alchemist than cobbler, Christian Louboutin transforms women with the flirtatious peep of a toe and click of a sculpted heel. It’s that magic that keeps women coming back — often handing over rent money and savings. Why do women fork it over? Because what they walk away with isn’t just a pair of shoes, it’s a priceless feeling of feminine power.”


Soon, this wiping red is so popular in the world that royal families and big stars love Christian Loubouti. Looking through his customers list: Moroccan Princess Caroline, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica parker, Jennifer Lopez, Kate moss….


Why the magic of red high heels is so powerful?

Firstly, the experimental art and design of Christian Louboutin are made unique in the field of shoes. With the fashion industry developing, people have good aesthetic taste to influence their consumer behaviour. In philosophy, Cohen (1998, p. 509) defines (artistic) taste as “the natural capacity to take pleasure in certain artistic and natural objects by means of one’s own sensory experience.”


Secondly, the eyes of the red high heels of Christian Louboutin is used to tell you that this pair of shoes designed by him. Christian Louboutin has stressed that the woman who wearing this shoes is more able to attract the attention of men. The propaganda poin is how attractive for woman. The woman naturally inclined to do a focus in the eyes of a man. Many studies involving consumer emotions have focused on the mediating role of emotions on the satisfaction of consumers (e.g., Phillips and Baumgartner,2002). Emotion can also influence a user’s memories of products and their purchasing decision processes (Kim, Lee & Choi, 2002).


Thirdly, red high heels are more effective than logo to find that the shoes are designed by Christian Louboutin. Christian Louboutin make consumer believe that red high heels is the synonym of beautiful woman. This loyalty, in turn, may be determined by trust in the brand and by feelings or affect elicited by the brand (Chaudhuri A. &Holbrook M.B. 2001).


The magic of Christian Louboutin is not only limited in the design of shoes and also good marketing strategy based on the female consumer psychology.


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SMS advertising: what, how and where?

7 Dec


With the popularity of mobile phone, SMS has been applied very widely as a communication medium and had the largest number of users. The UK mobile market is forecast to have 81.04 million subscriptions by the end of this year, and will rise 3.4% to 84.27 million by the end of 2012, according to the mobileSQUARED (2010), which created the opportunity for a new medium of advertising. Mobile communications and its most successful application, short message service (SMS), now allows for the direct and two-way communication between an organisation and consumers (Dickinger, Haghirian, Murphy and Scharl, 2004: 1). So the SMS advertising has high values to be applied for each merchant.


The development of SMS advertising is based on the short message service. Short message service is a mechanism of delivery of short messages over the mobile networks (Mphahlele, M.L. & Mashamaite, K. 2005). SMS can be used as advertising media because of the function about the delivery of information. The information content services can be as a new kind of service industry, which itself is a commodity. From the theoretical point of view, traditional service industries can provide all the services which can be replaced by the information services. It is worth mentioning that the imessage of iPhone, which send pictures and text message through the network traffic between two iPhones. This new type of information service is easier to learn, cheap, and also meets the consumer’s individual needs.


SMS advertising can be defined as “Using short message service (SMS), sent to consumers’ cell phones, to provide consumers with time and location sensitive information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders” (Kavassalis et al., 2003: 56). SMS advertising can act as intervention for customer to change their attitude for a brand. SMS advertising takes advantage of text information to create stakeholders value to influence consumer attitudes, and also help enhance the brand. In the other hand, consumers can get valuable information, and even directly communicate with the business through SMS.




According to Fishbein’s Attitude Theory (in Andersson and Nilsson, 2000: 18), a stimulus, such as an SMS advertisement of a particular brand, has an effect on a consumer’s belief system which in turn influences and leads to the consumer developing a specific attitude towards the advertised brand. The attitude which a consumer has with regards to a brand has an impact on a consumer’s intention to purchase the brand offering. The application of SMS advertising is to provide a convenient space for the healthy communication with consumer, and then change their attitude to achieve enhanced image and promote the role of sales.


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Attention war in Bangor

30 Nov

The wonderful wine is also afraid of the deep alley. Customers are only 24 hours. How to effectively seize the time and attention of consumers?

Monday ASDA opened in Bangor. Until today, I did not have time to go there to stroll. It is very good shops, newly renovated and have full range of goods. It is surprised me that after shopping staff gave me a green vote. “Customers will choose which of ASDA’s selected charities receives £100 each month, and could also help out with larger projects.”(Hughes T. 2012) after casting their votes in a particularly good moo d, I immediately made an appointment with friends for the next time shopping. In fact, ASDA is far from my house. But if I walk further, I can buy better things and also help others, why is not it. The simple vote of caught my attention and made me better understand the ASDA’S charitable activities.

According to psychologist and philosopher William James(1890), attention “is the taking possession of the mind, in clear and vivid form, of one out of what may seem several simultaneously possible objects or trains of thoughts…It implies withdrawal from some things in order to deal effectively with others.” The especially things is not the same as the other things around, which can cause people’s attention. Think of attention as a highlighter.

When a book is filled of highlighter, how would you do? Highlighter will lose the role. Business should put things into focus to seize the attention of consumers, which is the key to marketing. Newspaper front page are always the most important, and can arouse the most concern. The front page of the newspaper today I received is a great length of Tesco advertising about philanthropy. Tesco and ASDA, as the two largest competitors in Bangor, fight for the attention of consumers with two different ways at the same time. However, I like ASDA more, because it adds my participant and gives me more power. Tesco just do a simple advertising. Although I have noticed, just pay attention to the seconds and not continue. In my opinion, ASDA used new tactics and mobilize the participation of the consumer. Tesco just use the usual trick of businesses.

We can see that the behaviours of both Tesco and ASDA were in order to attract the attention of potential consumers. The definition of the commercial attention is different with the ordinary. If you notice something, but did not consider making a behaviour, it is not noted that the presence of attention (Lanham, R.A. 2006). Who can attract consumer and impress consumer, who is the winner of the attention war.


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Narrative Transportation

20 Nov

Christmas time coming again, it is the time for ending pre-discount promotions of war. The latest John Lewis Christmas advert 2012 succeeds to seize the audience’s vision. Being different with other retailers, John Lewis does not emphasize the gifts, price or quality, but emphasizes the “love”. In advertising, snowman crosses grasslands, snow mountains, walks across large and small streets, only want to find the most suitable gift to his lover. I am so love with you, so I need to give you my love this Christmas.

More and more moving advertising takes the emotional card. The traditional spokesman forms of advertising increasingly lose the market. In a short time, not more than two minute, the advertising tells a little story to catch people’s spiritual needs. This is a new form – storytelling advertising. Storytelling advertising is to borrow the techniques of literary creation, show the goods and services through innovative, unique plot designed for audience. The storytelling plot means to break the conventional narrative logic, not just telling a tale, avoiding bland. In addition, storytelling ads should be good at suspense, creating the ups and downs. Some Storytelling advertising likes literary creation, can capture the rich characteristic typical details, deepen feelings recognize of the audiences on the main body of information, and then leave a deep impression.

This kind of advertising can produce narrative transportation for consumers (Phillips, B.J. 2010). “Much of the social information we acquire in daily life is transmitted to us in the form of a narrative. These stories provided the basis for comprehending new experiences; making judgments and decisions about the persons, objects, and events to which the stories refer; and developing general attitudes and beliefs concerning these referents (Adaval, Rashmi and Robert S. Wyer Jr. 1998).”This passage tells us that the function and method of storytelling. Expect the use of advertising in marketing, indeed, public service ads, or educational advertising, are suitable to enhance the persuasive effect with the use of the method of storytelling.

No matter what kinds of the ads, they all want to come to the fore in the current complex advertising market  and to win everyone’s approval. In today’s social market, a lot of complex advertising attack the brains of this time, the use of narrative in advertising is the primary consideration and owes a pivotal status. The good or bad use of narrative gives a direct impact on the understanding of consumer to advertising, product recognition, as well as the understanding of the products.

For a developed field, freshness is very important. The story is just a form of advertising, the content inside is the key to create a fresh. Each form of advertising is worth using, but not abused.

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His and Her Decision-making for Shopping

7 Nov


Clearly, we all understand the existence of the differences between men and women, both in the way of thinking or physiological characteristic. This blog mainly discuss the different points of the men and women in the way of shopping because of their different consumer psychology.


“The traditional sales model, where you treat every single person like an average consumer, doesn’t make any sense”, Barbara Kahn says, the director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Jay H. Baker Retailing Center. Her study found that women are most motivated by the salesman persuasion, but men would be affected to practical factors, such the available products or parking spaces. The theory was showed in the video “retailers Embrace Gender-Based Selling”.


Men generally give the word “clam” to woman who lost control of the mind. This shows that the man is rational, and woman belongs to sensibility. If we want to evaluate men and women purchase behaviour, we can take advantage of the “Hot” “cool” model. ‘Cool’ one can be like men, is deliberative. ‘Hot’ one can be like women, is emotional.


Some stores begin to adopt a method called “gender marketing”, through focusing on the different characteristics of the male and female consumers to attract them shopping. The retailers know that men hate to stroll, and then they can put all male products on vending area near the entrance. In the other hand, because women would like to ask the view from others, so retailers can train purchasing guide to recommend products.

For the purchase decision, the male decision-making is rational, fast and attentive for product quality and function and the female decision-making is more emotional, attentive for product surface and patient for choice.  The changes of Male consumers’ psychology in purchasing activity are not as intensive as female. They don’t like association, fantasy and have relatively weak emotion. In addition, the male purchase motivation is stable after the formation, and male purchase behaviour is relatively regular. The biggest difference of decision-making between male consumer and female consumer is that the decision-making process of male consumer is not easy dominated by emotion. For example, if one person wants to buy a car, the male consumer will consider the performance, quality, brand, hedge rate and services; but the female consumer would like evaluate the car through the emotional needs, such as appearance style, colour and so on.


To sum up, the difference of gender is a very common problem. The partition of consumer population can help sales and establish a good image. There are common ground and also different point among consumer. To make a Systemic difference between consumers is an indispensability aspect in the marketing strategy.

Charity or Business?

31 Oct

When taking part in various charity activities, organization and celebrity can help to raise funds for people in need, and also can improve their own image and win the goodwill of the public, which is beneficial for enhance their visibility and reputation. With the expansion of the marketing concept, some of the new words gradually entering our range of audio-visual, cause-related marketing, business related marketing and charity marketing. These words can be explained as a marketing method that enterprise connects commercial purpose with non-profit purpose through charitable organizations. They do some donations and funding, and at the same time they also want to improve product dales, improve the image to achieve the purpose of corporate profits.

However, charity is a non-profit career. The purpose of charity should be motivated by a sense of social responsibility, and not with the utilitarian purpose. For example, Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and also did his all to charity. He has pledged to give all of his $58 billion fortune to charity rather than leaving it for his children (Borland S. 2008). Moreover, He has transferred his money to the charity frequently that he has said up with his wife Melinda, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This charity focuses on funding health and education projects around the world.

The application of charity activities for corporate marketing derived from the concept of traditional marketing. The concern of traditional marketing is to get profit through a variety of ways. Socio-economic development brings a lot of social problems, and let people begin to reflect on the concept of traditional marketing. So the concept of charity marketing means that companies achieve their marketing goals with protecting or improving the consumer and social welfare.

The European companies would like to engage in charitable activities. There are three objectives to support charity for them. Firstly, because of the tax policies in their country, engaging in charity can reduce the corporate tax.  Secondly, it is an attribute of social responsibility. Enterprises must assume certain obligation for the whole society. Thirdly, enterprises want to establish good public relations and promote the corporate marketing through supporting charity.

I still want to say that charity is a positive and lovely career and should not be too much business together. However, if this new situation allows more enterprises to help those who need help, it is not a bad idea. I believe there is one payment that not needs to be return.

We love beautiful things

24 Oct

The emergence of a product is always to satisfy a need. The “need” used to represent a practical use. But now need of consumers for a product has not simply focused on the quality. Many consumers launch a strong pursuit for aesthetics.

This blog discusses the significance of aesthetics for the user experience. Aesthetics is a concept with an extremely rich meaning. Different areas at different times, have different definitions, there is no coherent argument. In the Renaissance, people advocated an objective measurement of aesthetic characteristic, explained aesthetic by the nature of the object (such as orderly, symmetrical). The modern aesthetics trends to cater for people’s psychological experience, links the things of beauty with happiness (including feeling, imagination, ect.). Then, for products, what is aesthetics? According to many research, the aesthetics reflects on enjoyable experience of consumer. The judgements of product aesthetic may be more emphasis on boosting feeling, especially in visual. That means that the aesthetic of product can be displayed on the attractiveness of physical appearance.

The consumer perception of aesthetic is based on the overall visual impression of the product. The aesthetic characteristics of the product are explicit, and more likely to be observed than practicality. The evaluation of the product aesthetic can be formed within a very short time by consumer. So when shopping, customers would like to be attracted by more beautiful products relatively. Sometimes people buy a product even because good-looking.


Apple’s products are very popular now, on matter iPad, Mac, or iPhone. Apple follows a sublimation of the structure of the product itself as a decorative design philosophy. Except the quality and technical superiority, many customers are effusive in their praise of the appearance of Apple’s products. It can be seen that Apple will be a good model of the perfect combination of two different areas:  engineering and aesthetics logic, one it a rational, the other is sensibility. Apple’s products usually design some accessories without a screw and parcels, which are beyond our conventional thinking.


From the iPod’s Click Wheel, then iPhone’s Home button, to iMac’s integrated design, Apple is very cautious for the appearance of product and does not easily add functionality. For iMac, the line interface is neatly lined up to the place that is in the bottom of the back panel, and the round hole in the graceful arc bracket is used to gather complex disorder data thread. A very simple and orderly product is presented to the consumer through covering the complicated thing behind. Apple as a leader in these outstanding companies has created a series of memorable products. These people cannot wait to use these “art”, which are just like masterpieces captivating from Leonardo da Vinci.


The aesthetic charm is impossible to resist, which is the future direction of the product design development.